Around the House:
Dust Window Sills 
Dust Ceiling Fans 
Dust Baseboards
Spot Clean Switch Plates
Make Beds / Change Sheets
Empty Trash 

Living Room:
Wipe Down Fireplace Mantle 
Dust Down All Picture Frames 
& Knickknacks 
Dust Window Blinds &
Dust off Lamps & Craft Items
Polish All Wood Furniture
Vacuum Carpet & Rugs  
Sweep & Mop Hardwood Floors  

Wipe Down Appliances 
Clean & Sanitize Top of Stove
Clean & Sanitize All Countertops
Clean & Sanitize Sink and Faucets
Clean Inside of Microwave 
Shine All Stainless Steel 
Polish All Wood Cabinets 
Dust off All Blinds 
Sweep & Mop Floors

Clean & Sanitize All Sinks, Toilets, Bathtubs, Showers
Clean & Sanitize Countertop & Cabinets 
Clean Glass & Polish Chrome
Clean Additional Metal & Wood Surfaces
Vacuum Carpet & Rugs 
Dust All Blinds & Windowsills 
Sweep & Mop Floors

Dust Off Picture Frames, Craft Items 
& Furniture 
Vacuum Carpets & Rugs 
Sweep & Mop Floors
Clean Finger Markers from All 
Entrances in your Home

Dust Off all Picture Frames & Desks 
Empty Trash Receptacles
Vacuum or Sweep Floors
Mop Floors 
Clean Finger Marks from Entrance
Dust All Blinds

What Services to Expect 
2487 Highway 17 Richmond Hill, GA 31324 - Phone: (912) 459-0381 - Fax: (912) 459-0410
Our cleaning visits range from weekly, bi-weekly, to monthly. We also provide move in & move out cleaning services. 

Below are our estimated cleaning costs ranging from one-bedroom homes to four-bedroom homes.

Since no two homes are alike, our residential cleaning rates are based on many factors that are unique to each residence: 
The side of the home
The frequency of cleaning 
The amount of cleaning necessary
Our representatives will conduct an in-home consultation & provide you with a phone or email estimate

The Initial cleaning will be Higher than listed prices